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Walk-in Bathtubs – Make Bathing Easier for Elders

Imagine a person is tired and weary after working 8-10 hours in the office and then a long drive, then rushes back home. It has been too exhausting. At that time, a person just needs a relaxed bath. And if the bath will be in a bathtub, then the bath becomes heavenly. But if a person is in his/her eighties, it’s very difficult for him/her to get in and out of a bathtub due to stiff joints and the weakening knees which are constant sources of pain. That person cannot move a muscle without a sigh. He/she also needs to take a bath but is unable to climb onto a bathtub due to muscular pain. That’s why many loved ones urge their parents and grandparents to come up with walk-in bathtubs.

So, for those with mobility issues, walk-in bathtubs offer a safer alternative to traditional bathtubs. These deep tubs have a door that swings open and offers easy access for elder people. Its interior seat lets a person sit in the water and makes it easy to get out. Thus, it is a convenient method for seniors to make bathing easier.

As walk-in bathtubs come in a variety of options, thus choosing the right one becomes vital. So, when it comes to walk-in tubs, some factors come to mind like ‘how walk-in tubs work’, ‘how much walk-in tubs cost’, and ‘how much do walk-in tubs cost to install’.

How Does a Walk-in Tub Work?

A walk-in bathtub is a kind of tub that is designed for individuals having difficulty in climbing into and out of regular bathtubs, to minimize the chances of slipping and falling. A walk-in bathtub has foot holes, handlebars, and even seats added to the bathing chair to relieve pressure on the legs while taking a bath.

Walk-in Tub Cost

The cost of walk-in bathtubs basically depends upon their size. Their price starts at around $1,500 and extends to over $7,000 for the large-sized model which has extra features including air jets, built-in grab bars and seats, and adjustable showerheads. The cost of a walk-in tub also depends upon its features and materials used. For example, a low price walk-in tub is constructed of fiberglass that has been coated with a gel finish. On the other hand, an expensive walk-in tub is composed of acrylic which is a durable material and last longer.

Cost of Installing a Walk-in Tub

The second thing for cost consideration is installation. A walk-in tub installation cost depends upon various things such as the product, installation materials, and the labor cost in your area. Installing a bathtub typically costs about $3,300.

So, if your bathroom is feeling tired or outdated, it’s time to give it a new look by calling professional bathtub installers like AZ Tub Guy. By working with a professional, you will be ensured that everything is up to current safety standards and your new tub is handled with precision and care.

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