How to Convert Your Outdated Bathtub to a Walk-In Shower?

Are your still using bath tubs in your bathroom? If you have elder people in your home, then you are going wrong. Stepping over the edge of the bathtub wall can be dangerous for disabled or elder persons. For those people, a low-cost tub to shower conversion is the perfect solution that will provide easy step-in accessibility as compared to your existing bathtub.

A bathtub to shower conversion is also a great idea to modernize your bathroom and give it a stylish look. Many homeowners, who have gotten bored with their bathtubs, are interested in learning how to convert bathtub to walk-in shower. So, before converting your outdated bathtub to a modern and up-to-dated walk-in shower, here are some tips for making the process easy and affordable.

Considerations before Bathtub to Walk-In Shower Conversion

Converting an old and outdated bathtub to a latest walk-in shower is something that every homeowner thinks about. Here are some points that are needed to be considered before converting your bathtub to a walk-in shower.

  • Measure the Space: First of all, you are advised to take the measurements. As we know that not all showers fit in the space that a bathtub occupies. Sometime there may be large sized bathtubs that are of 60 inches wide, which is a great wide for a shower. So, if the measurement of your future shower is not getting matched, then you are advised to call the shower installation technicians who have proper knowledge of shower installation.
  • Make a Choice That Fits Your Family: Make sure the design of walk-in shower you are choosing is practical for you and your family’s lifestyle, especially for kids and elders. Sometimes, a parent of small children think that a majority is bathing is done in the tub where children can play while bathing. So, think carefully.
  • What’s Your Budget: The different fixtures that you want to match your home design will cost a lot more as compared to standard conversion kit. So, before going through conversion, make a fuller picture of the whole conversion cost in mind.

How to Convert a Bathtub to a Walk-in Shower?

Here are simple steps for bathtub to shower conversion:

  1. Demolition: First of all, bathroom tiles are needed to be removed from the tub area. Then, the bathtub should be removed as well. To do this task in a perfect manner, you should call the professionals.
  2. Create the Floor for Shower:  The next step is to create a base for shower. The base must be of a good quality such as acrylic or fiberglass because the cheap base will crack soon, thus you have to replace it earlier.
  3. Tiling: After that, it is advised to install the tiles on the floor and wall. Make sure you are using non-slippery tiles to eliminate the chances to slipping for kids and older people.
  4. Shower Installation: When the tiling is completed, its time to install the shower controller. To get the shower installation task in perfection, you are advised to call the professionals like AZ Tub Guy as they have years of experience in walk-in shower installation to fit your unique style.

Bottom Line:

So, are you surely willing to convert your outdated bathtub to a modern walk-in shower? The easiest way is to call AZ Tub Guy. By calling their professionals, you’ll get all the benefits of a walk-in shower installation with less of the wait. Schedule a consultation now and get your dream walk-in shower!

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