Walk-In Bathtubs

Offering local customers safety, security, and comfort, the AZ Tub Guy bathroom remodel team provides professional sales and installation of high-quality walk-in bathtubs for residential use. Backed by more than a decade of experience in home safety equipment, our Phoenix-based team has helped thousands of individuals enjoy a vast improvement in at-home safety and ease in personal grooming. Walk-in tubs provide assistance for anyone with mobility concerns, allowing you to live comfortably and go about your daily routine without assistance. Constructed with the highest quality materials, every walk-in tub we sell and install is backed by a rock-solid manufacturer’s warranty, giving our customers peace of mind with every use.

Tub Categories

Inward-Swing Door — Equipped with a low-profile door that opens toward the interior of the tub, an inward-swing style takes up less floor space. It is the most popular style of walk-in tub.

Outward-Swing Door — In contrast to the inward swinging walk-in tub style, the outward-swing tub is equipped with a door that opens toward the user, in the same way a car door would open. Though this style of walk-in tub requires more open space surrounding the tub, it does allow more maneuverability within the tub space itself.

Two-Seater Tubs — Large and spacious, the two-seated walk-in bathtub allows two people to relax and enjoy the tub simultaneously. This improves the opportunity for even more safety and security with every bath.

Wheelchair-Accessible Tubs — Outfitted with an L-shaped, outward swinging door, our largest walk-in tub model makes it easy for those confined to a wheelchair to bath with ease, confidence, and privacy.

The Highest Quality Materials

At AZ Tub Guy, we only install those walk-in bathtubs that have a proven track record of unquestioned product excellence. Backing every installation with our untarnished reputation as Phoenix’s leader in walk-in tub and shower providers, we never compromise your safety or satisfaction, requiring that every walk-in tub and accessory we offer promises exceptional strength, comfort, and durability.

Engineered to seamlessly integrate with the style and functionality of your bathroom, whatever style and model of walk-in tub you choose, you’ll be able to depend on its exceptional construction.

Every walk-in bathtub we install is professionally built with:

  • Stainless steel framing
  • Adjustable legs
  • A fiberglass-reinforced shell
  • High-grade acrylic or Gelcoat exterior shell
  • Dual-drain technology
  • Tempered-glass door

Selecting the Right Tub

From door shape to tub size, the style and model of your walk-in bathtub will dramatically affect its functionality. Obviously smaller spaces require smaller tubs, but additional choices, such as whether to choose an inward- or outward-swinging door, will also increase or limit your usability. At AZ Tub Guy, we provide free, in-home consultations for every bathroom remodel to ensure a proper fit, increased safety, and complete satisfaction.

Door Shape

Offering more than personal design, the shape of your walk-in bathtub’s door means more functionality for those with mobility issues. Inward-swinging doors generally come in U-shape or S-shape form while outward-swinging doors include L-shape and U-shape latched doors. We can recommend options based on the user’s specific safety or range of motion concerns.

Tub Size

Taking the available space surrounding the tub into consideration, your AZ Tub Guy will make the most appropriate recommendations for which size and style of walk-in tub will work best for you. Highly trained and skilled in functional design, your bath remodel technician measures every angle to ensure a proper and secure fit. We also take your personal comfort extremely seriously, working to ensure that your walk-in tub is as easy to enjoy as it is to get in and out of.

With dozens of options and sizes available, a customized walk-in tub promises exceptional comfort and safety for both ambulatory and wheelchair-bound users. Working directly with the best manufacturers in the industry, we proudly stand behind the strength, comfort, and durability of our walk-in tub options. Find out more by scheduling your own free, in-home consultation today.