Walk-in Tub Installation – What You Need to Know

Having a bath in a bathtub is a luxurious experience. But for some people who are disabled or have become aged, sitting on a tub is the most difficult. For those people, walk-in bathtubs are a great option. Walk-in tubs are great bathroom accessories as they add splendor to your bathroom as well as take good care of an elder or disabled people. As walk-in tubs are growing in popularity nowadays, many customers have questions about the installation of walk-in bathtubs. To help customers understand what to know about walk-in bathroom tub installation, we’re sharing some common questions that you should ask your contractor before having a walk-in tub installed:

·         Does a Walk-in Bathtub Fit Your Needs: Before getting a walk-in bathtub installed, make sure this type of tub fits your personal and space requirements. Try to be more specific when defining your accessibility needs as it will help your contractor find the right tub for you according to your needs. Also, make sure the walk-in tub will fit in your bathroom because the door opening can be a challenge for the bathrooms with limited space.

·         How Many Handrails will be There: Handrails play an important role in walk-in bathtub installation as they assist elder or disabled persons in securing themselves while entering the bathroom. So, ask your contractor about the number of handrails as well as where they need to be placed before the installation process, so that you would be tension free about the security.

·         Can the Controls be Easily Reached: Before installing a walk-in bathtub, you should confirm from your contractor that the bath’s controls are easily within reach while taking bath. If they’re too far or not positioned properly, then it would be very difficult for an elder or disabled person to take bath.

·         Ask for the Therapeutic Features: Before having a walk-in bathtub installed, ask your contractor about its therapeutic features. By knowing it, you can make a decision whether the selected model is right for you or not.

·         Does the Bath Have Slip-Resistant Surface: A slip-resistant surface is one of the main features of a walk-in tub as it will help you keep yourself safe while entering and taking bath. So, never forget to ask your contractor whether the surface is slippery or non-slippery to ensure safety and minimize injuries.

How to Install a Walk-in Bathtub

1.       When it comes to walk-in bathtub installation, demolition of your existing bathtub is the very first step. You should call a professional bathtub installer to complete the task in a perfect manner without damaging the existing plumbing and surrounding walls.

2.       Now turn off the water, remove the tub line, and the tiles where a walk-in tub has to be placed.

3.       Now set up the walk-in tub in the desired place. The tub edges should be sitting on the ledger boards properly.

4.       Once the tub has been placed, now it’s the urn to secure the drain to the shoe fitting.

5.       Now install the new faucets or those which has been removed from the old tub.

6.       After installing the faucets, turn on the water supply. But never forget to check for any leaks before closing up any holed.

Why AZ Tub Guy for Walk-in Tub Installation?

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