Top Tips for Buying a Walk-in Tub

Are you looking to buy a walk-in bathtub? If so, it’s a smart choice. A walk-in tub is meant to enhance your bathing experience and protect you from any falls and injuries that can happen while enjoying the bathing.

When it comes to buying a walk-in tub near me, there are so many features, designs, and everything in between to take care of. The search for a perfect walk-in tub can be overwhelming, but with the proper guidance, you can narrow down your search. So, before beginning your journey to buy a walk-in tub, here are some tips that you should follow before making a purchase.

Do Your Research: When buying a walk-in bathtub, first of all, take your time to do the research to ensure which type of tub you need. There are different types of walk-in tubs according to their features and functionality. Some of the main types of walk-in tubs are – walk-in air baths, deep soaking tubs, Bariatric Walk-In Tubs, and walk-in whirlpool tubs.

Set Your Budget: Before buying a new walk-in tub, it is very important to consider what your budget is including the installation cost. You should also make sure to research any available financing plans or special offers that will help you in making your purchase more affordable. Besides this, you must ask about what is included in the price such as installation, labour cost, permits etc.

Walk in Tub Size: An average bathtub measures 60 inches long and 32 inches wide. But a walk-in bathtub measures approximately 36 inches long and 33 inches wide. Wider tubs are also designed especially for wheelchair users or to be used with a lift chair. If you need a walk-in tub that is larger than your existing tub, there will be some additional cost of renovation. So, before buying a walk-in tub, you should ensure which size of tub you want and whether you have desired space or not.

Determine Your Needs: Before buying a walk-in bathtub, make sure what you need from your new bathtub. A walk-in tub has a variety of features that make bathing easier and safer for seniors and people who have mobility issues. Never forget to consider hand showers, handrails, and low step-in entry for safety purposes.

Warranty: While all bathtubs come with a warranty, but before making a purchase you should ensure that the warranty covers all aspects including the fixtures, operating machine of the seat, and the entrance gate to avoid unnecessary expenses.

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