Walk in Tub Shower Combo

How Walk in Tub Shower Combo Help Disabled People?

Who would not want a refreshing bath in the morning? Taking bath makes us feel fresh for whole day. That’s why getting clean is one of the most repeated routine of all of our’s life. As soon as the alarm goes off, jumping into the shower to take bath is the routine of millions of people in the world. But there are thousands of people too who can’t perform this act of getting into the shower especially when it comes to the bathtub. This is because thousands of people in this world are physically disabled and thousands live with ailments like arthritis, back injury, old age, sports injuries, and paralysis. For those people who can’t get into the shower without anyone’s help or wheel chair, walk in tubs and showers are the best options. They can be sold individually or as a walk in tub shower combo. This combo is designed to accommodate elder or disabled people as well as younger children.

Do you have elder or disabled person in your home? Then opting for walk in tub and Shower combo is the best idea for you. Walk in tubs with shower have become very popular these days. This combo can found in about 65% of homes today. This two-in-one piece is affordable, sturdy, and easy to install, thus is perfect option for a small bathroom too.

These special bathing units allow people to take bath without having to step over anything to enter as its door is quite low and a person can step over on it easily. That’s why walk in tub and shower combo is considered as the safe alternative to traditional bathtubs. The floor of walk in bathtub is also non-slippery to give you steady footing thus eliminates the risk of falling and getting hurt.

Many walk-in tubs have a built-in seat, so that user can take bath comfortably by sitting. In this way, user doesn’t have a need to sit on the tub’s floor and have no risk of an inability to get out without injured.

How to Choose a Walk-In Tub and Shower Combo?

Deciding on walk in bathtub and shower combo is a person’s personal choice. To make your choice easier, you should determine which walk in tub and shower combo model is right for. Here are some points to help you choose the best walk in tub shower combination:

  • Cost: Walk in bathtubs generally sold at higher prices as compared to standard tubs. And when a shower is added in it, the cost automatically increases. But owning a walk in bath tub is a cost effective way as compared to leaving a home for safety reasons for seniors.
  • Features: For some people, a simple tub is enough. But for others, additional options such as water jets are preferred. So, while choosing a walk in tub and shower combo, make sure all its features suit your bathing and showering needs.
  • Use: Sometimes disabled or senior people don’t take bath daily. For them, it’s not wise to spend money on a walk in tub and shower combo. On the other hand, having able-bodied individuals who prefer to shower daily should opt for this combined product.

The Bottom Line

There is a big difference between stepping into a traditional bathtub and a walk in tub, especially for elder or disabled people. So, whether you suffer from a disability or you have limited mobility, a walk in tub shower combo can truly help you to live a better life. Explore a wide range of walk in tubs with shower today from AZ Tub Guy and make your bathing or showering relaxing and comfortable. Hurry, get free consultation today!

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